SES has combined three decades of Americom’s USG experience with the global capabilities and assets of the SES satellite fleet. The result is a new organization, formed in April 2010, created solely to provide bandwidth and hosted payload opportunities to U.S. Government, Intelligence and Civilian agencies.


By deploying our AppExchange product FedCapture, we were able to generate a structured, standardized capture management process for the entire team to follow. Satellite records could be assigned to Opportunities they were being proposed for, allowing for greater visibility on utilization of satellite resources and a more complete picture of competitor assets. Information such as Satellite utilization and available bandwidth is automatically calculated by the system for internal use.


SES Government Solutions struggled with a capture management system that included consolidation of personal spreadsheets, a master word document, and an access database. This process was time-consuming, riddled with duplicates and errors, and unable to easily produce the type of reporting management needed.


  • Standardized Capture Management Process
  • Increased Efficiency of Reporting and Documentation
  • Greater Big-Picture visibility into the SES GS business