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Fulfill Your Commitment to the People 

Governing is fundamentally about the people you serve. Our goal is to provide an individual platform that will enable you to focus on serving the people instead of serving your platform. TechnoMile’s Public Sector solutions shift the bureaucratic focus from paperwork to the people through secure, intuitive, and transparent solutions.

Master Innovation and Control Change

Innovation Management

Public agencies stretch resources as far as possible. Budgets are getting shrinking but the demands for high quality services and products is increasing every day. Large organizations, such as the U.S. government, need to be able to rapidly procure the best products from a variety of industries in order to maintain their position in the global playing field.

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Help Desk and Service Desk

Case Management

Our experience in both public sector and commercial enterprises has lead to the development of a two for one Case Management solution, in order to help increase productivity and visibility. This opens up communication among team members and drives wait-times.

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Make a Difference

Refugee Management

The hardest battle a refugee faces is often overlooked in the relocation process, starting a new life in a foreign nation. Our Refugee Management solution focuses on helping these refugees adapt and assimilate into their new home.

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