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    When a refugee escapes their battle is only half way over. Our solution empowers you to help them with the 50% of the struggle the media doesn't cover, starting over.

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Public Sector

Governing is fundamentally about the people you serve. Our goal is to provide a individual platform that will enable you to focus on serving the people instead of serving your platform. TechnoMile’s Public Sector solutions will make your collaboration with service providers more secure, intuitive, and transparent.

Take charge of your

Asset management

Public agencies stretch resources as far as possible. Budgets are getting tighter, demands for high quality service and accountability increase every day. Agencies need to ensure that there management partners and assets are available, safe, reliable, and performing to standards. With the TechnoMile solution we provide blueprint creation and platform integration to meet your case and asset management needs.

Mobilize and Enhance your

Refugee management

By utilizing our case management solution agency caseworkers will have more time servicing clients and less time processing paperwork by providing an easy to use mobile system that is secure and can be accessed from anywhere to provide the personal human connection deserved.

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