Winning Government Contracts with Relationship-Centered Capture Planning

Mar 27 2014By Ashish Khot

Machine LearningThe government is not widely known as the most personal entity in the world. However, the people who carry out its work are without a doubt individuals who bring their own personal touch to their offices. For many government contractors, capture planning for winning government contracts requires navigating a number of personal relationships with government officials and representatives. Taking a relationship-centered approach can help your company stand out from the rest in a number of important ways.

First, when you focus on your relationship with key people at your target agency, you have taken the guesswork out of doing business with your company. The people at your target agency know who they should contact about which concerns, and they can trust that these people will give them the information they need. This is one important way of making your company attractive to government agencies.

Second, focusing on your relationship with key people at your target agency saves time for both of you. Getting in touch with a new contact can be a time-consuming process that hinders, rather than helps, the ultimate goal of the project. Continuing an existing relationship with that contact, on the other hand, ensures that the communication process runs smoothly and efficiently. This will make your capture planning process more cost-effective as well as more likely to win government contracts.

Third, a relationship-focused approach to capture planning can help you predict changes that will affect your company’s needs. A shift in an agency’s personnel profile is frequently related to a shift in that agency’s needs and priorities. Maintaining your relationships with agency staff can almost give your company an inside ear the detects changes in the way that agency does business.

Maintaining good relationships with the people who help run government agencies is crucial in many ways to winning government contracts. However, the task of maintaining those relationships requires managing a wealth of information–and this can be daunting for many companies which already have a full plate of tasks when it comes to capture planning. The Salesforce1 Platform was designed to make it easier and more efficient to take a relationship-based approach to a number of business processes; applying this solution to capture planning can make it easier to take a relationship-based approach.

We at Technomile are dedicated to putting this platform to work in a number of innovative applications; contact us to find how we can help you tailor the Salesforce1 Platform to your company’s needs.

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