Why Capture Planning for Winning Government Contracts is Important

Jun 2 2014By Ashish Khot

Why Capture Planning for Winning Government Contracts is ImportantCapture Planning for winning government contracts is important for many contractors and businesses. Winning government contracts is the bread and butter of many companies. There is always a lot of competition in the bidding process and there is no guarantee that one company will win over another. However, capture planning can increase odds of securing a contract significantly.

Capture planning is often done by a business proposal team. There are key elements that make for an effective capture plan. Elements include customer profile, background, a summary of the opportunity, synopsis, competition, evaluation, customer challenges, strategy, past performance,key personnel, and an executive summary.

These elements are essential to any effective capture plan. The ability to think clearly and compose a capture plan that will help in the bidding process is indeed important. Making sure that there is a quality business development team to handle this process is necessary.

The capture winning process provides key information relevant to the job and strategies to win the bid. Because there is often other competition, having an effective plan in plan to execute when the time comes could mean the difference between winning or losing a government contract.

The aspects of the capture plan can be make or break in a tough industry with plenty of competition. Government contracts can provide the bulk of a contractor or company’s profit. So, winning the bidding process is crucial to securing a future for a contractor or a company. At times, winning a single government contract can lead to trust being established and more work being rewarded at a later date.

The ability to draft a great capture plan can make this type of future a reality. It will give a business the insight and knowledge they need about the customer, along with the strategies to implement, in order to make odds greater that the government contract will be won.

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