Ways to Increase Productivity and Encourage Innovation Using Salesforce1 Platform Tools

Nov 10 2014By Shan Kapoor

Ways to Increase Productivity and Encourage Innovation Using Salesforce1 Platform ToolsAs an administrator on the Salesforce1 platform, your job is often to help make creativity among those working with you as easy as possible. Here are a few tools to help encourage innovation using Salesforce1 platform platform tools.

Approval Central

Approval central is completely free to use with Salesforce1. This makes it easy for you to OK pending approvals all from your mobile device. You can do this with just one tap, and all from one screen. You don’t need to search around for the approvals since they are all centrally located now.

The navigation menu on the left side of the nav area in Salesforce1 will have all of the approvals show up. The tool works in both iOS devices and in Android devices. By making it easy for you to approve projects, you can make sure your team has the maximum amount of time and space to innovate.


This tool for Salesforce1 lets you combine Totara and Moodle together with Salesforce in order to make it easy for you to recommend training materials to anyone you want, including employees. This service does have a large annual cost related to it, but it’s extensive enough that it will work even for large companies.

The training materials that you can provide to employees or customers will work with mobile devices specifically. You can record data related to all of the materials you send out to other people, including for grades and registration and so on.

There is perhaps no better way to encourage creativity among employees than to have them learn new skills.

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