Using Capture Planning For Winning Government Contracts Can Help Your Organization Become The Best In Its Class

Sep 19 2014By Ashish Khot

Using Capture Planning For Winning Government Contracts Can Help Your Organization Become The Best In Its ClassThroughout this year, there has been plenty of talk about cutting back on some of the government spending. However, there are plenty of opportunities available to companies and organizations. Many of them aren’t too worried about the availability of opportunities to go after. The organizations are more worried about the ability they have to put together a great and competitive proposal that gives them a great chance to win the business.

There will always be competition and bidding wars, and there will never be a clear cut winner because of the competition. Using Capture Planning for winning government contracts will be an essential step in your business development process. Capture planning involves identifying all of the opportunities in front of you, evaluating the environment you are in, and executing successful strategies that will allow you to capture amazing business opportunities.

Capturing and creating a proposal is a key part to the process. The capture part of it entails a company making its decision to even go after a new contract. A good quality capture plan should be practical and particular. A company that uses capture planning as a form of proposal discipline can offer a number of benefits, and a few of them are:

  • Better decisions on bids
  • Gaining a more practical understanding of all of the opportunities available
  • Better strategies and solutions
  • Improvement in the win rates
  • Ability to save time
  • Ability to create and sustain a balance between the plan and the execution of the plan

Capture planning can offer several benefits to all of the participants in the business development process:

  • Employees
  • Participants
  • Senior Managers
  • Sales Professionals
  • Business Development Professionals 

To meet all of the goals of the organization, all of the opportunities of a business have to be won. Every person’s role in the business development process will change as the process goes through different phases. Whenever these changes are made, they should be documented.Your organization has to take all of the necessary steps to be the highest and top in its class.

Contact us if you need more assistance on using the capture plan process to give your proposal planning a much needed boost.

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