Understanding the Innovation Using the Salesforce1 Platform Brings to Your Business

May 15 2014By Murray Grevious

Innovation Using the Salesforce1You have already heard about the Innovation using Salesforce1 Platform provides. But are these enough to convince you that the application is worth a try? If not, here is some more info that would surely show you that Salesforce1 is a worth investment.

It will open you to mobile

The mobile platform has steadily increased in prominence and scope in recent years. And for both large and small companies, getting into the platform fast is certainly a must to take advantage of the trend, with around 54% of executives agreeing that mobile apps are indispensible. Salesforce1 allows you to jump into mobile marketing without the need for very cumbersome application development packages.

The system does have its limitations. Particularly, the current iteratio0n of the Salesforce1 package may still lack certain capabilities that some users might be looking for. However, the current customization possibilities that the package is more than enough to cover a vast majority of mobile application needs. As Salesforce1 was also developed with mobile in mind, creating applications has been made a lot simpler.

It gives you more peace of mind

Another innovation using the Salesforce1 platform is that it provides a more extensive security blanket to companies and their clients. Customer data is undoubtedly the biggest concern for many businesses, and Salesforce1 made sure that these would be sufficiently safeguarded. The platform accomplishes this through double-encryption using both its encryption system and that of the device running it. Files being stored in the device also benefit from this security feature.

The Salesforce1 package has also made security customization a lot easier for administrators. With an easy to use admin panel, business owners can now assign role and profile-based permissions for the various sections of their company databases. Since the platform also allows for the use of third party applications, adding other security features for extra measure is also fairly easy.

It continually expands

Salesforce1’s creators recognized the importance of continued development for the betterment of the product. As such, even as the first version of the platform has hit the market, the core team of developers have already started researching new features that can be incorporated. Aside3 from that team, Salesforce has also extended their invitation to a large community of third party developers to get their inputs. This means that project development is not limited, and users can expect many innovative features to come their way.

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