The Salesforce1 Platform for Innovation

Oct 16 2014By Shan Kapoor

The Salesforce1 Platform for InnovationSalesforce1 is the beginning of the internet of things (IoT). It is a center for cloud based innovation supplying scores of free apps to subscribers for multiple business purposes. The apps will work on any digital platform including smartphones, wearables and PCs. The apps can be locked together into integrated systems. The “Sales Performance Accelerator” combines the Customer Relations Management (CRM) function with the customer lead information app from These can be adapted for business to customer with larger data bases or business to business smaller data base applications.

In addition to its web interface, Salesforce offers a SOAP/REST web service API that allows members to integrate other systems. The CRM is very flexible, allowing for configuring of fields and tab structures.

Innovation using Salesforce1 Platform is the natural state working with an open-ended system. The platform supports the development of new apps, especially smart phone business apps, under its venture capitol arm. Available on the cloud marketplace are apps that contribute to sales, customer service, marketing, IT and administration, human resources, finance, ERP, collaboration, analytics and more. These include such apps as check duplication protection, “Mail Chimp,” cloud data loaders, e-mail control, opportunity planning apps, Twitter and Facebook links, and many others.

Applications, built using Apex (a proprietary Java-like language) and Visualforce (for building website interfaces in HTML or FLEX) are available for diverse fields like communications, education, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, media, non-profit organizations, professional services, real estate, and retail.

The Sales Cloud includes a real-time sales collaboration system called “Chatter.” The  Service Cloud provides a call center-like view that enables companies to track and automatically route calls coming in, especially dispatching calls judged important. Included is a customer portal that enables customers to view the status of their own cases. A social networking plug-in enables users to share opinions about the company on social networking sites.

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