The Million Dollar Hackathon Innovation using Salesforce1 Platform

Sep 30 2014By Murray Grevious

The Million Dollar Hackathon Innovation using Salesforce1 PlatformThe world’s #1 CRM platform has recently announced a Million Dollar Hackathon this year. This hackathon is more generous than ever, and will promote the Salesforce1 Platform, by encouraging the most brilliant developers to create new mobile apps for it.

The platform Salesforce1 is already the world’s #1 PaaS. It has garnered an already robust community of 1.7 million developers. So, the generous cash prizes including $250,000 grand prize, many prizes of $10,000 or more are going to fuel a lot more inspiration.

What does this mean for you? More massive and important innovation using Salesforce1 Platform, to highlight customer and employee focused mobile apps, to keep you at the forefront of your industry. PaaS (Platform as a Service) allows customized configurations and cloud based computing to suit your needs at a fraction of the cost it would take to create and deploy your own system that would encompass all that it provides. Having 1.7 million developers vested in making this Salesforce1 Platform the best it can be, and a Million Dollar Hackathon contest to involve cream of the developing community can only mean one thing.

This platform will continue to be the forefront of the wave of the future with unparalleled scalability, usability, maintenance, and in the variety of integrated services. Contact Technomile for how this platform can look for your business, and how it can grow with it in the future.   With the amount of resources and talent behind it, either Salesforce1 Platform will be something to watch or a vehicle to speed by the others who are watching.

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