Salesforce Spring ’14 – The most relevant release updates

Apr 30 2014By Murray Grevious

There were lots of posts about Spring 14 early this month and last month, but we have found that most Salesforce Admins don’t really pay close attention to the new updates until they are released and don’t read the full release notes. The attached is something we provide our clients to give them a “quick hit” summary of what’s new in the latest update from Salesforce. If anything looks interesting they can drill down into that specific topic.

Chatter Enhancements

Salesforce File Sync


  • Desktop application that syncs files to
  • Files are private until shared
  • People with access to the file can collaborate via Chatter Feed

Topics Enhancements

Picture2 Picture3

  • Topics for objects allows tagging of records
  • Knowledgeable people widget identifies “experts” on specific topics by:
    1. Number of @mentions in posts/comments
    2. Number of likes on comments or posts
    3. Number of endorsements received
  • Users can hide themselves from this list via personal settings

Chatter Group Announcements


Group owners, managers, or users with the “Modify all Data” permission can post, edit, and delete important messages displayed on the right-hand menu of group pages.

Communities Enhancements


  • Members can flag files
  • Triggers can automatically flag files
  • Moderation actions are tracked in an audit trail
  • Communities are available in Salesforce1
  • Members can send private Chatter messages
  • Members can give, receive, and create badges
  • Members can be endorsed

Sales Cloud

Salesforce Orders


  • Orders can be used to customize order management processes
  • Orders can be added to a contract or account

Collaborative Forecast Enhancements


  • Team can view different types of forecasts:
    1. Opportunities Revenue
    2. Opportunities Quantity
    3. Product Family Revenue
    4. Product Family Quantity
    5. Opportunity Splits
  • Up to four forecast types can be enabled at once

Salesforce for Outlook Enhancements

Picture8 Picture9

  • Users can create cases directly from the Salesforce side panel
  • Notifications about updates appear on the side panel
  • Admins can track the salesforce for outlook version users are running from login history

Additional Sales Cloud Enhancements


  • Territory management can be disabled
  • Salesforce Console for Sales supports multi-monitor and multi-component functions

Service Cloud

Case Feed Enhancements


  • Attachments can be drag and dropped in the case email publisher
  • Inline images can be used in emails
  • Email message pane is now resizable
  • Topics can be added and removed from the case feed

Salesforce Console for Service Enhancements


  • Multi-monitor support
  • Multi-component support (accordion, tab, or stacked layout)
  • Footer components can be pinned to a playground area

Salesforce Knowledge Enhancements

Picture13 Picture14

  • Knowledge is available as a widget
  • Knowledge One is now available for the console footer
  • Article reports allow information to be filtered by data category
  • Topics can be attached to articles for faster search

Analytics Enhancements

Reports Enhancements


  • Data can now be sorted by any summarized field or custom summary formula on summary reports
  • Headers can be frozen to show consistently as you scroll down a report
  • Report types can be hidden from all users
  • Footer info can be removed from exported reports if enabled by the admin
  • Historical Trending now available for cases

Dashboard Enhancements


  • Users can now group dashboard values, such as grouping by region
  • Table components can display fractions as percentages
  • Users can edit a dashboard without the “view all data” permission

Mobile and

Salesforce Mobile Apps


  • Salesforce1
    1. Salesforce files and communities can now be accessed
  • SalesforceA
    1. Can be used for managing users and assigning permission sets

Data Import Wizard


  • Single, unified interface for importing custom objects, accounts and contacts, leads, and solutions
  • Can import up to 50,000 records at a time
  • This tool uses the bulk API and the import process may be delayed because it is subject to limits

Additional Enhancements


  • now tracks a site’s change history
    1. Admins can revert to any published version of the site
  • Admins can use the mass assign permission set feature Enhancements Prospector Enhancements

Picture21 Picture22

  • Better visibility into List Pool purchases, expiration dates, and usage
  • Users can now add as many records from as their allowance without adjusting the selection Clean Enhancements


  • Ability to bypass skipped records, triggers, and workflow rules
  • Allows overwrite of Salesforce field values that differ from
  • Manually refresh D&B records without clean



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