Salesforce Critical Updates

Jan 29 2014By Murray Grevious

We all get the email notices and pop-up messages from Salesforce annoucing “Critical Updates” We have observed that many Salesforce Admins don’t know what to do with those or just skip past them. We have created a summary presentation what the critical updates are and what you need to do.

Important Information and Impact for Admins and Developers

  • If you have Critical Updates available for review on your organization, you will receive an email or a message similar to the picture will pop-up while you are managing settings in


  • To view current critical updates, click “Setup”


  • Select “Critical Updates” from the “ Build” settings menu


  • You will see all critical updates on this page. Please note the “Status” and “Auto-Activation Date” fields for important information about the update. For more information on a specific update, click “Review” next to the appropriate update


  • Read the instructions provided in details for information on the exact affect of the update


Important things to note about all Critical Updates

  • Updates that will not affect your organization are automatically activated
  • Updates can only be deactivated before the auto-activation date. Once that date is passed, the update cannot be deactivated.
  • Always review the update detail page to assess how it will affect your organization and correct possible issues
  • You can activate the update in a Sandbox to test prior to activation in Production


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