Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Tools for Sales Personnel

Feb 9 2015By Shan Kapoor

Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Tools for Sales PersonnelMotivating your sales team and giving them extra information and support is an important part of managing a larger business. Here are a few tools for Salesforce consulting and implementation. that can help boost sales by supporting the people behind the sales themselves.


This tool focuses on helping to keep your sales team sharp. This includes analytics that are onboard, for example. The tool costs a small fee per month, and it includes various games to help keep sales representatives sharp. An example is a Q and A game.

There have actually been clinical tests that prove that the tool helps to increase how well sales representatives perform in the field. The app is usable from most mobile devices or from the Salesforce tab so that representatives working remotely have all the information they need.


The LevelEleven tool helps with specific sales operations such as the launch of new products and pipeline building. One of the benefits of using the tool is that it helps to get sales and marketing processes aligned and on the same page.

One of the ways the tool accomplishes this is through a leaderboard for Salesforce that works in real-time and that can be displayed on televisions or mobile devices. It’s easy for a manager to monitor the entire process, and you can install the service and make it ready to go within around 15 minutes.

This is done through a wizard with five steps that helps managers analyze sales team behaviors in order to make it easier to figure out how to maximize their efforts.

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