Salesforce Consulting and Implementation for Nonprofits

Oct 6 2014 | By Shan Kapoor

Salesforce Consulting and Implementation for nonprofits is a vertical niche rarely addressed by B2B tech consulting companies, because nonprofits typically do not approach them, citing budget constraints and looking to “bootstrap” their cloud computing and end-to-end operational enterprise solution on their … Read More»

Communication Tools for Aiding in Salesforce Consulting and Implementation

Nov 3 2014 | By Murray Grevious

Communicating with your customers and agents is one of the most important parts of Salesforce. Here are a few tools that will help you with Salesforce consulting and implementation when it comes to communication strategies. MagnetMail This service allows you to … Read More»

Innovation using Salesforce1 Platform Can Help Establish An Incredible Partnership With Your Customers

Sep 9 2014 | By Shan Kapoor

When you look up the definition for innovation, you will see that it is defined as something that introduces new or different ideas that will lead to new services or products. The new idea isn’t the thing that is most … Read More»

Email Campaign Tools That Help with Salesforce Consulting and Implementation

Dec 18 2014 | By Mai Sackerlotzky

If you frequently run email campaigns, you know that increasing your conversion rates through that medium can be more difficult since it’s only a one-way street for communication. It’s not as interactive the way phone calls or live chat is. … Read More»

The Million Dollar Hackathon Innovation using Salesforce1 Platform

Sep 30 2014 | By Murray Grevious

The world’s #1 CRM platform has recently announced a Million Dollar Hackathon this year. This hackathon is more generous than ever, and will promote the Salesforce1 Platform, by encouraging the most brilliant developers to create new mobile apps for it.The … Read More»

Seven Ways Salesforce Consulting and Implementation can Change Things for you

Sep 15 2014 | By Murray Grevious

You may not be aware just how much salesforce consulting and implementation via Salesforce 1 Platform can change things for you. Luckily we’re here to give you an idea; five ideas, in fact. First thing: Salesforce can help you manage … Read More»

Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Tailored to Your Business

Jul 31 2014 | By Shan Kapoor

In order to be successful, Salesforce consulting and implementation requires business expertise applied to an emerging market paradigm tailored to your business, within your budget.Business ExpertiseAs an expert in your area, you have valuable knowledge on your consumer base, what … Read More»

Tools to Aid Innovation using Salesforce1 Platform

Oct 27 2014 | By Mai Sackerlotzky

It’s considerably easier to inspire innovation using Salesforce1 platform tools focused on saving time and increasing your capabilities with this mobile platform than it is without them. Here are a few tools that can enhance your ability to innovate with Salesforce1. … Read More»

How to expand your Salesforce Knowledge to Customers and Partners with the Free Salesforce Public Knowledge Base App

Aug 18 2014 | By Murray Grevious

Salesforce provides a free app that enables users to make their Salesforce Knowledge Base accessible via their Site This is a feature that many Salesforce users don’t realize they have and can be used as a bridge for customers and partners that don’t have Community access The following is a summary of the steps to install the App and how to make the Knowledge Base accessible on your Site Salesforce provides a free app that enables users to make their Salesforce Knowledge Base accessible via their Site […] and BlackBoard Integration for managing training enrollment and transcripts for members

Sep 26 2014 | By Amit Tare

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) is a progressive, diversified trade union that primarily represents operating engineers in construction industry, petrochemical industry, service industries. Computer based training is offered by the IUOE through the National Training Fund.  The NTF … Read More»