Upcoming Salesforce.com Site Security Changes

Mar 13 2015 | By Ashish Khot

Salesforce.com will be updating their site security certificates over the next couple of months. Compatibility should be confirmed to ensure your system will access SFDC after they’ve implemented their changes.We’ve tested the various operating systems and browser combinations and don’t … Read More»

Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Tools That Help with Geographic Customer Data

Dec 29 2014 | By Murray Grevious

Understanding your client is one of the keys to succeeding in business. If your business is local, one of the key parts of this is their geographic information. There are also a number of tools that you can use that … Read More»

Multi-Purpose Tools for Salesforce Consulting and Implementation

Dec 1 2014 | By Shan Kapoor

In order to save time on Salesforce, it helps to use multi-purpose tools that can help you with more than one aspect of your Salesforce experience at once. As a result, here are a few tools that will help you … Read More»

Tools for Facilitating Salesforce Consulting and Implementation for User Interfaces

Nov 25 2014 | By Shan Kapoor

The problem with creating the exact user interface you want for your Salesforce apps is that it often takes a lot of coding skill and time. Here are a few tools that can help you with Salesforce Consulting and implementation for … Read More»

Ways to Increase Productivity and Encourage Innovation Using Salesforce1 Platform Tools

Nov 10 2014 | By Shan Kapoor

As an administrator on the Salesforce1 platform, your job is often to help make creativity among those working with you as easy as possible. Here are a few tools to help encourage innovation using Salesforce1 platform platform tools. Approval Central Approval … Read More»

Your Business Can Be More Innovative By Using The Salesforce1 Platform

Mar 13 2015 | By Ashish Khot

The majority of business leaders already have ideas for how they can use technology to change their companies in a positive way. Business leaders recognize that various programs and applications have changed innovation. The leaders also understand that speed and … Read More»

Innovation using Salesforce1 Platform In-person Collaboration Tools

Dec 8 2014 | By Murray Grevious

Achieving innovation using Salesforce1 platform tools is easy due to the combination of features you can get from Salesforce add-ons and smartphone capabilities. An example of what you can achieve from the two includes easier collaboration in-person. Here are a … Read More»

Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Tools That Use Video Chat

Mar 2 2015 | By Ashish Khot

It’s a fact that video streaming is now technologically viable enough that it’s now possible to offer live video streaming chat support and email options for your business. Here are a few Salesforce consulting and implementation. tools that allow you to … Read More»

The Salesforce1 Platform for Innovation

Oct 16 2014 | By Shan Kapoor

Salesforce1 is the beginning of the internet of things (IoT). It is a center for cloud based innovation supplying scores of free apps to subscribers for multiple business purposes. The apps will work on any digital platform including smartphones, wearables … Read More»

Tools for Enhancing Salesforce Consulting and Implementation with Live Chat

Jan 15 2015 | By Mai Sackerlotzky

It’s becoming increasingly true that customers online want live chat support options. Here are a few ways to use live chat tools for enhancing Salesforce consulting and implementation goals with to help you handle support more effectively. LiveHelpNow The LiveHelpNow … Read More»