Magento on Heroku integrated with Salesforce

Apr 15 2015 | By Inderjeet Sohal

Build a highly scalable and intuitive online sales environment by integrating Magento and Salesforce CRM. Utilize customer profiles, orders, products, and leads seamlessly. Built on the Heroku platform this application provides online merchants creative and logistic control for their business. … Read More»

Heroku buildpack: WordPress on Heroku

Apr 15 2015 | By Inderjeet Sohal

TechnoMile created a sample website that demonstrates how to build customer blog with WordPress using its plugins WP Google Analytics, All in One SEO Pack, Amazon S3 and Cloudfront, Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce. You can deploy your own version … Read More»

Tips in Capture Planning for Winning Government Contracts

May 7 2015 | By Ashish Khot

Winning government contracts is not easy. Government officials operate differently than regular private companies do, and it is often difficult to tell who is in charge. Who do you go to with your contracts? Who has the authority to make … Read More»

Why Do You Need Capture Planning For Winning Government Contracts?

Apr 29 2015 | By Ashish Khot

Competition is always high for government contracts, and you probably know how difficult it is to put together an offer that truly stands out. Adopting the right strategy could make recognizing opportunities and obtaining contracts a lot easier for you. … Read More»

QR Code Tools That Help with Salesforce Consulting and Implementation

Mar 26 2015 | By Mai Sackerlotzky

Adding contact information into Salesforce is an important process for any business. One way to do this more quickly and effectively is with QR codes, which are the black and white boxes you can scan with a smartphone. Here are a … Read More»

Appointment Tools for Aiding with Salesforce Consulting and Implementation

Feb 20 2015 | By Murray Grevious

If your company does a lot of selling, chances are reasonable you’ll need a decent appointment setting process. Here are a few tools that can help you with Salesforce consulting and implementation. Frontline Selling This tool increases how much you and … Read More»

Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Tools for Sales Personnel

Feb 9 2015 | By Shan Kapoor

Motivating your sales team and giving them extra information and support is an important part of managing a larger business. Here are a few tools for Salesforce consulting and implementation. that can help boost sales by supporting the people behind the sales … Read More»

SalesForce SSO implementation for PHP web application using SAML

Jan 20 2015 | By Sanket Khare

Single Sign-On is a process that allows network users to access all authorized network resources without having to separately log in to each resource. Single Sign-On also enables your organization to integrate with an external identity management system or perform … Read More»

7 Reasons Capture Planning for Government Contracts is a Winning Strategy

Apr 6 2015 | By Ashish Khot

Capture Planning involves building strategy, teams, relationships, and more to engage government decision makers and gate keepers to land regular and recurring contracts. The process is intricate and complex, but there are many great reasons to engage in the process. Relationships … Read More» BA & Developer Workshop in Washington DC – Join on April 15th

Mar 27 2015 | By Ashish Khot

TechnoMile and Salesforce is hosting a free ‘BA & Developer Workshop’ on April 15th at the St. Regis in Washington, DC.This event should prove to be a phenomenal opportunity to further develop your Salesforce skills. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to … Read More»