Launches Salesforce1 Platform

Nov 30 2013 | By Raj Jha will soon be launching the new Salesforce1 platform. This is exciting news for those who will use the CRM platform. It is the next generation of CRM systems which will help independent software vendors, developers and customers connect third-party services … Read More»

How to Secure Data in Cloud Computing

Jan 24 2013 | By Raj Jha

A hacker should never get access to read any details about the company’s plans and other important documents on the web. A network specialist can implement a pass code to a file folder. The report is written in an unknown … Read More»

Giving Direction to Innovation using the Salesforce1 Platform by Analyzing Your Workflow

Apr 17 2014 | By Shan Kapoor

The possibilities for innovation using the Salesforce1 platform are almost endless. This powerful cloud-based tool lets you automate and integrate every facet of customer relationship management (“CRM”) for your company. In fact, the Salesforce1 platform offers us so many options that some … Read More»

How Can Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Help Developers Track Revenue?

Mar 31 2014 | By Shan Kapoor

The concept of software as a service (“SaaS”) has permanently changed the face of the development industry. This delivery model makes it possible to deliver innovation and improved performance at an unprecedented pace. Although SaaS has drastically expanded the opportunities … Read More»

Creating an Environment for Innovation Using Salesforce1 Platform

Feb 24 2014 | By Shan Kapoor

Nothing is more toxic to a dynamic environment than stagnancy and if your business depends on income from new sales, then it’s important to allow for innovation using Salesforce1 platform. Salesforce1 is a great tool for innovation because it offers users … Read More»

How to Understand, Define and Identify Online Influence

May 9 2013 | By Shan Kapoor

This post last week shared tips and ideas to become a social media influencer. While there are some good pointers here in using social, I think the post is more about becoming a thought leader or becoming popular in social media than … Read More»

Technology Innovation in Cloud: Constant Evolution of Surprises

Jan 21 2014 | By Sachin Addulwar

Although cloud computing is a term that only recently became a buzzword for the public, a new vocabulary is now freely in use. Technology innovation in cloud unfolds solutions addressing problems that involve physical hardware and expansion of the workplace. … Read More»

Join TechnoMile at Lobby Lounge after Salesforce1 World Tour New York

Jan 2 2014 | By

We’ll be at the Salesforce1 World Tour in NYC on Jan. 8! Be sure to stop by the Lobby Lounge at the Hilton after the event to network with your peers and continue the conversation from the conference. For further information, please … Read More»