New Edition of Heroku Promises to Enable More Innovation Using the Salesforce1 Platform

Jan 9 2014By Ashish Khot

herokuandsalesforce2Known for its scalability and iterative agility, the Heroku platform has proven itself to be a powerful tool for designing customer apps.  Since its acquisition by Salesforce in 2010, Heroku has become a vital tool for many developers and enriched the possibilities for innovation using the Salesforce1 Platform.  Now, Heroku1 is promising to change the way your company does business with its customers through mobile devices.

Scheduled for general release early in 2014, Heroku1 is geared toward the development of customer-facing apps that integrate existing Salesforce data.  Built API first like the rest of the Salesforce1 platform, Heroku1 is designed to make it easy for developers to build apps that both customers and employees love to use.  Its new API tools and Heroku Connect database sync service reduce the workload on app designers, freeing time and resources to focus on the customer needs that drive innovation.

In addition to helping designers conserve resources, Heroku1 promeses to drive innovation by allowing brilliant app development in a number of languages.  Whether a developer’s strong suit is Java, Node, Ruby, or Python, Heroku1 is designed to let programming excellence take priority over infrastructural compatibility.  When developers are free to choose the best language available instead of forced to choose the only language that is compatible with the platform, it is easier to deliver truly innovative products that are suited perfectly to the customer’s needs.
Technomile is dedicated to helping your development team make the most out of the Salesforce1 platform and all the tools it has to offer.  Feel free to contact us and ask about the solutions we have to offer your company.

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