Multi-Purpose Tools for Salesforce Consulting and Implementation

Dec 1 2014By Shan Kapoor

Multi-Purpose Tools for Salesforce Consulting and ImplementationIn order to save time on Salesforce, it helps to use multi-purpose tools that can help you with more than one aspect of your Salesforce experience at once. As a result, here are a few tools that will help you with your Salesforce consulting and implementation tasks.


This tool works across objects and it allows you to perform complex searches on the platform, as well as manage your calendar, perform mass updates and deletions, edit grids and many more functions besides. The focus of the tool is on data entry and making it quick and easy with a responsive user interface, but the tool’s features really go on and on. They also include mass emails, the ability to add many people to campaigns all together, report filtering, CSV importing and more.


This tool allows you control over the planning and execution in the field of release and transition management among other functions in Salesforce. It allows you to handle projects across many multiple disciplines. The tool makes it easy for you to manage product releases as well. It helps project managers oversee large teams as they try to work together to bring a product towards going live on a global scale.

The tool also helps you with outsourcing in terms of handling relationships with companies doing work that your company will use. You can additionally use the tool to coordinate all of the teams working with independent elements simultaneously.

Overall, it helps to download Salesforce tools that enhance what you can do over the platform, especially when these tools cover multiple fields of utility for you.

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