Innovation Using Salesforce1 Platform is Easier Than Ever

Mar 13 2014By Murray Grevious

Machine LearningSalesforce 1 streamlined the sales game like Apple’s Mac OS changed the PC user experience. It is putting creativity and customization at the fingertips of people closer to the customers. You don’t have to be a programmer to use this stuff and it can increase business revenue by putting Salesforce users ahead of the technology and digital media curve.

The software suite helps facilitate a company’s relationships. They allow the sharing of internal information, as well as promote business to customer relationships by providing user-friendly programs. For instance, Salesforce1 can create custom business mobile apps with about the same learning curve as creating a nice PowerPoint presentation. That being said, TechnoMile can help your company use these tools and provide the support needed to facilitate the positive participation by all employees.

The people at Salesforce started down this path fifteen years ago, and have really filled a niche. They know what you want to do, and they make it possible by cutting out the dependency on technical wizards. TechnoMile has a relationship with Salesforce that goes back years. That relationship is strong because we love what they do, and they love us right back.

Allow customers to find you on their phones and have a good experience once they get there. It sounds so simple, and it is, but it is a place most businesses have not yet reached, but a place that is thriving with activity.

Salesforce1 can help streamline all of a company’s social media as well by putting customer portals in the right place and allowing people to communicate in the ways they like best. This capitalizes on their impulses, allowing you to be there when they want you.

Making a company cloud easy to use is huge. The cloud promotes cooperation through easy-sharing, accountability through transparency, and streamlines a company by eliminating extra steps and duplicated work by automatically sharing leads, sales, memos, etc.

Salesforce1 is worth an inspection from any company that could benefit from streamlining or a boost in connectivity. To talk more about this, or anything else, please Contact Us. Thanks.

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