Connect Google Spreadsheet with Salesforce using Heroku

Aug 24 2015By Inderjeet Sohal

Everyone likes Spreadsheets! Google Spreadsheets even more, you can have an ability to shared editing capability, easy of use and so on. Sometimes you might want to edit the information on Google sheets but still have the information updated in Salesforce! How do you make that happen!

Google Spreadsheet and Salesforce CAN working together!. TechnoMile developed two way sync connector for the Google Spreadsheet and Salesforce on Heroku platform where all the data from the Google Spreadsheet will get synced to Salesforce and vice versa.

How It Works

  1. When you creates new rows in Google Spreadsheet then all the data of those rows will get synced in Salesforce as a new Lead.
  2. Any modified rows in Google Spreadsheet will get synced in Salesforce.
  3. Modified records in Salesforce will get synced in Google Spreadsheet.

What You Need to get it going

  1. Heroku account.
  2. Salesforce account.
  3. Google Spreadsheet account.

How to get started

  1. Create a new App on Heroku.


  2. Add and configure below add-ons on your Heroku App.
    1. Heroku Postgres
    2. Heroku Connect
    3. Heroku Scheduler
    4. Send Grid
    5. Logentries
    6. New Relic APM


  3. Setup your Salesforce connection with Heroku App using Heroku Connect add-on.
    Click on Heroku Connect from your Heroku App then click Authorize button for syncing data from Google Spreadsheet to Salesforce.



  4. Create a new project at Google Developers Console.
    Click Create Project to create new project for your app on Google Developers Console.


    Go to APIs of APIs & auth section on left sidebar and enable Drive API.


  5. Create a OAuth 2.0 and generate the key.
    Go to Credentials of APIs & auth section on left sidebar and click OAuth 2.0 Client ID.


    Select Web Application Type option with your Heroku App URL in Authorized Redirect URLs and click Create for Client ID & Secret Key.


  6. Create and enter data for your Google Spreadsheet.


  7. Install TechnoMile’s Google Spreadsheet Salesforce Connector on your Heroku APP then enter your Client ID, Secret Key & Callback URL into the connectors config file. If this intrigues you and you read all the way till here, then contact us and we will provide with the github repo to set this up


  8. Run OAuth 2.0 API script to get Access Token or Refresh Token for syncing Google Spreadsheet data from connector script to Salesforce.


Whoo! you got Salesforce and Google spreadsheets connected!

If you need Google Spreadsheet Salesforce Connector then please contact us and we will be happy to get you going!

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