Appointment Tools for Aiding with Salesforce Consulting and Implementation

Feb 20 2015By Murray Grevious

Appointment Tools for Aiding with Salesforce Consulting and ImplementationIf your company does a lot of selling, chances are reasonable you’ll need a decent appointment setting process. Here are a few tools that can help you with Salesforce consulting and implementation.

Frontline Selling

This tool increases how much you and your sales team are able to sell through optimization methods to make appointment setting easier. This is definitely a tool that’s more geared towards larger businesses due to the cost.

Frontline has a reputation for increasing first sales appointments by two to four times. If you want, you can even hire the team behind the service to do first appointment setting for you.


IntroHub is a free tool that lets you connect with people for appointment setting. There’s no upfront cost, but instead you pay for referrals from targets that you approve of. So, this is a tool where the appointment setting is largely taken care of for you.

The idea is that you can get your lead costs down with this tool that’s usable with Salesforce.


KLPZ helps you find more initial appointments through Salesforce. The tool streamlines the process of setting appointments through each of the steps along the way, including increasing the number of dials per hour you can achieve by a factor of two, according to the tool description.

KLPZ allows you to monitor every part of the calling process in order to improve the rate at which appointments are made through your sales teams on the Salesforce platform.

For more information on improving appointment setting practices through Salesforce, please contact us today.

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