5 Innovation Using Salesforce1 Platform

Jan 15 2014By Ashish Khot

5-innovation-stepsThe SalesForce 1 customer platform is the next great platform for creating apps aimed at making an impact on the marketplace. The Salesforce1 platform powers Salesforce CRM as well as approximately 3 million customized apps developed by consumers and their partners. The applications on this market can easily be shared and distributed.

5 Innovation using Salesforce1 Platform are discussed below:

1. Salesforce 1- New ways to connect with your customers

This platform is designed for new apps and has 10 times more APIs integrated into its software, which develops can put in quickly, allowing for a more bespoke service in connecting smartphones and devices. Salesforce 1 allows each ISV to increase their rate of growth by creating, selling and designing apps for their consumers.

2. Improved API Functionality

Salesforce1 has significantly greater Application Program Interface (API) functionality. It can claim up to 10 times APIs that previous versions of the software could reach.

Furthermore, this includes the streaming of APIs which will certainly increase the number of real-life interactions.

3. Visual Force

Visual Force is another asset of the software. It helps developers and creators to build the user interfaces they want specifically for their applications. This is a significant step forward in technology and design of such interfaces.

4. Bonus Stuff

Salesforce’s apps store had undergone a makeover. They have got a series of new partnerships which include: Evernote, Dropbox, HP, Concur and the premier social networking site LinkedIn. This is a real boost to the quality of the software. All of these companies are creating mobile applications and putting them on for sale on the platform.

5. App Exchange

This new app exchange program allows independent software builders to build and connect with their customers in a whole new different way. Any developer can now build customized apps, to help target their market in more innovative and creative ways.

Salesforce1 is specifically designed for such enterprise and brings together all its major apps. This is going to be a real player in the apps market.

Sales Cloud
  • Sales Path (Beta) – Get tips at every sales stage to push deals forward, faster
  • Salesforce Email Connect – Supercharge productivity
  • Duplicate Alerts & Blocking – Improve the quality of your data by preventing duplicate records

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