4 Best Practices When Capture Planning for winning government contracts

Feb 14 2014By Mai Sackerlotzky

Information-Review-ProcessCapture Planning plays an important part in winning large contracts and to be successful you have to be consistent and and follow a mandatory formal process that is carefully checked at the top. The capture team prepares it before the plans are scrutinized by high-level management and a number of experts in certain fields. Once the plans have been approved by everyone concerned they form the basis for monitoring all the necessary steps to win the contract.

A good capture plan will make the client realize working with your organization is the best possible option.

The following describes 4 best practices when developing Capture Planning for winning government contracts:

1. Gathering Intelligence Carefully

You need to gather comprehensive information from a variety of legal sources as this is an area where companies often make mistakes. Once you have all the intelligence you need you have to document it in a way that will help your proposal team as this is what fuels every aspect of your bid to win the contract and the response to your proposal.

2. Create Win Strategy

The win strategy is the comprehensive plan that puts you in a position to win the contract being the strongest contender. It leaves no stone unturned looking at every aspect of the process and it includes a priority-driven action plan. Deadlines and belly buttons are assigned to each task and the win strategy also includes the development of resulting win themes and best value details.

3. Conduct Comprehensive Analysis

You need to use comprehensive analysis techniques to find out the strategies and shortcomings of your main competitors. Once these have been identified you identify a way to beat them through strategic actions exposing their flaws in your proposal. You have to remain dynamic and realize your competitors are working just as hard as you to overcome any shortcomings in their organization before the RFP release.

4. Teaming

You have to develop a good strategic team of partners and subcontractors who will work together as a team to negotiate or sub-contract certain procedures. Create your team from the best companies you can get before one of your competitors snap them up.

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